Public Announcement: D-Rex pharmacy no longer has a contract with The Wiley Protocol. They are no longer subject to quality control or dosing accountability. It came to the attention of The Wiley Protocol that they were dispensing a new formulation at a lower price point that didn’t meet the standards of The Wiley Protocol and several women were having breakthrough and uncontrolled bleeding. When questioned about the situation, they confirmed that they were dispensing a different product and it was not comparable to The Wiley Protocol. D-Rex pharmacy is being removed from The Wiley Protocol website and is no longer an approved or contracted pharmacy. Thank You.


The Wiley Protocol

Standardization is a Beautiful Thing

Miraculous Beginnings

The story of the Wiley Protocol is one of hope, 
healing and respect for the power of the rhythms of life.

Years ago, TS Wiley was threatened by a diagnosis of potential breast and ovarian cancer when she went on a journey to create a treatment potent and logical enough to restore her health that through standardization of methods, materials and packaging, could be safely tested for all women at any age.

Topical hormones synthesized from yams empower the five facets of regeneration and restoration— sleep, memory, libido, pain-free days and nights and a quiet immune system.

The Wiley Protocol is an experience unique to every woman and man.
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The Wiley Protocol

For Women

The Wiley Protocol

For Men

Natural Hormones, dosed naturally


Our protocol delivery system has been designed to mimic the hormone levels our bodies naturally produce in a cyclical rhythm.


Our hormones are compounded using only natural FDA approved plant-derived molecules that are identical to the ones found in our own bodies.


Our pharmacies are individually trained and tested quarterly to ensure patients are receiving the same quality compounded products every time.

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